Jim Maclean Likes Full Swing Indoor Golf

Testimonials – Jim McLean

jimmcleanI’ve been playing, teaching, and most importantly enjoying the game of golf my entire life. I have a reputation for being innovative in my approach to the game while realizing the value of preparation.

That’s why it is my pleasure to introduce to you the Full Swing Golf Simulator – the most impressive indoor system I have ever seen for teaching, practicing or simply playing this great game.

The realism and accuracy of the ball flight with this system is truly amazing. Full Swing Golf’s state-of-the-art infrared ball tracking technology provides immediate feedback and instant visual confirmation of each and every shot.

My sons also love the system. Both are accomplished and dedicated golfers and use the simulator regularly for drills and practice – specifically hitting the various shots required to improve their games. Having the world’s greatest courses available for play doesn’t hurt either.

I believe in practice. I believe in research. I believe in technology. I encourage you to look at this innovative technology. In my opinion, Full Swing Golf offers the most complete and versatile golf simulator available in the world today. That’s why I have one in my home!

All the best,


┬áJim McLean is Director of Golf at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa, a regular contributor to Golf Digest, a featured instructor on The Golf Channel, and recognised as one of the world’s best golf coaches.Jim McLean

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