What do the Pros say?

Tiger Woods

“Their new technology is impressive, as it allows me to shape my shots the way I want to.”

“Consistent practice on my Full Swing Pro Series simulator was important to my return”

“Using the company’s patented technology gives me the most accurate ball data, which allowed me to work on shaping my shots and helped me win in Atlanta”

Jordan Spieth

“The Full Swing Sim is the closest thing to being out on the course”

Jason Day

“The accuracy and reliability of the FullSwing Simulator is unparalleled and why I chose it for my home”

Padraig Harrington

“Full Swing Golf technology is an absolute game changer for me and my practice routine”

Jim Furyk

“Full Swing’s Dual Tracking shows me the curvature of the golf ball, providing the most realistic effect, just like I’m hitting outside”

Brook Henderson

“Full Swing’s accuracy and reliability are second to none and I know that their products will help me as I prepare for golf’s biggest stages”

Jim McLean

“The realism and accuracy of the ball flight with this system is truly amazing. Full Swing Golf’s state-of-the-art infrared ball tracking technology provides immediate feedback and instant visual confirmation of each and every shot.”