Tee’s & Cue’s Indoor Golf Practice

Practice at Tee’s & Cue’s Indoor Golf

Hitting baskets of balls at the range isn’t practice, it’s exercise.

When you practice at Tee’s & Cue’s Indoor Golf, you get the feedback that you need to mprove.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was once asked for advice on practice habits and focus for three different levels of golfer, a high handicap player, a mid handicap player, and a scratch or low handicap player.

The first type of player he commented on was the High Handicap player. Arnold began with the importance of a good grip like his father showed him when he began playing and then stressed a high handicap player should always work on the basics; Grip, posture, balance, and solid contact. If you work hard on the basics, the rest of the game will begin to fall into place.

The next player Arnold was asked to comment on was the mid-handicap player. The 12-18 handicap player that can get the ball around the course pretty good, but needs to shave of a few strokes to bring the handicap down. Arnold said that these players are already pretty good, but in order to get to the next level, they should get to work hard on the basics: Grip, posture, balance, and solid contact. Working on these basics of the game will allow the mid handicap player to progress to the next level more quickly. A mid handicapper will get more out of the basics than trying to do too much.

The last player Arnold was asked to comment on was a scratch player, or low handicap player. Arnold turned to his interviewer and said “Well, when I talk to a scratch player, I would tell them the same thing I tell myself when things are going bad, when I am struggling with my game…I do what my father told me and go straight back to the basics”. I work on stance, alignment, balance, grip, and making solid contact. When I get all these things working well, the game comes around pretty quickly”.

The answer is…as it is with every level of player…work on the basics.